Deјan Veljković

Dr Deјan Veljković
Department of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak1

University of Kragujevac

65, Svetog Save St.

32102 Čačak

Phone:  +381 032/302-724

Fax: +381 032/342-101

Office No: 137


Born on October 26, 1966. in Uroševac. He completed elementary school and high school of the mathematical and technical profession in Gornji Milanovac. Dipl. ing. Diploma, Magister of Science, and Doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. For almost his entire working career, he was employed, and have been teaching at the tertiary and the university education institutions - ETF Belgrade, VŠTSS Čačak and FTN Čačak, where he still works today.


Undergraduate Studies:

Programming of Logic Controllers,  Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems Design (VHDL), and Telecommunications.


Master Studies:

Internet of Things, Adaptive Algorithms and Techniques, Infrastructure and Industry Control Systems (PLC & SCADA), and Novel Materials and Technologies.


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