In brief

The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak is a state higher education institution that is engaged in science and scientific research activities, encourages intellectual development and ensures the highest standards in higher education. Being the most versatile member of the University of Kragujevac, it belongs to the group of reputable and prestigious educational institutions in the field of technical sciences. Today, the faculty is a modern scientific and educational institution with a clearly defined mission, vision and goals. The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak is one of the most contemporary organized faculties within the University of Kragujevac. It has become one of the leading educational and scientific regional institutions in the fields of electrical engineering, mechatronics, computer and software engineering, information systems, mechanical engineering, management and graphics.

Study programs are designed according to the needs of students and market requirements and they encompass the study of the latest scientific and professional disciplines that follow the rapid technological development of the global industry. The faculty offers two degrees of higher education studies: academic and professional studies. Study programs are accredited at all study levels: undergraduate, master and doctoral. They are fully compliant with similar programs found in the best EU universities. Currently, there are about 2.500 active students at The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak.

As a part of scientific research, the Faculty of Technical Sciences conducts continuous training of employees, organizes professional and scientific conferences, seminars, counseling and study visits for all employees. The faculty is also recognizable for its successful publishing activity, which is very well developed and modernized. Mission:
Through continuous innovation of teaching content, application of modern methods and techniques of education, research process and commitment to the community, the Faculty educates young and high-quality experts in the field of technical and technological sciences on academic and professional studies in electrical engineering, computing, information technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, management, graphic techniques and clothing engineering. It also ensures the highest standards in higher education, encourages personal development, conducts relevant research and provides community services.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak is committed to becoming a regional leader in higher education by implementing modern study programs. Its focus is to develop into a modern European higher education institution recognized for its scientific research achievements and the achievements of graduate students, masters and PhDs. Nurturing excellence in education, the Faculty strives to change the overall economic environment of Serbia in which our graduate students, with the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired at the Faculty, effectively participate in the labor market and thus contribute to the overall social development.

• Promoting the value of technique and technology as a profession and field of expertise;
• Increasing interest in studies of electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, graphic engineering, information technology, mechatronics, management;
• Raising the quality level of academic and professional studies;
• Constant improvement of curricula;
• Strengthening all types of cooperation with the economy and other educational institutions in the country and abroad;
• Providing students with the opportunity to expand knowledge on their own and thereby specialize more narrowly;
• Promotion of innovative activity through research support, development of innovative programs, cooperation with the economy and providing students with the support for the innovative projects development;
• Transferring the latest scientific and professional knowledge, development of science and scientific research thoughts;
• Continuous creation of new scientific-teaching and professional personnel;
• Ensuring mobility and international recognition of acquired qualifications at all levels of study;
• Organization of conferences, workshops, public lectures as well as forming an academic climate in the region;
• Publication of teaching literature and other publications.

The Faculty strives to monitor constantly the development of education and the application of new technologies for progress in its academic and scientific work. The first goal is to increase research capacities, as this leads to new successes, new educational profiles and a greater number of students at all levels of study. Having that in mind, the priority is the development of doctoral studies organized around research projects that will be implemented at the Faculty by young people under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak is dedicated to the continuous education of employees, ensuring in that way a high level of quality control, which enables work aligned with the needs and interests of both employees and students.

In addition to standard study programs, the Faculty enables students to acquire additional knowledge and specializations through various courses, seminars, and study visits both domestically and internationally. The Faculty is one of the founders of Science-Technology Park Čačak, which allows further investment in the know-how and practical skills of our students, giving them the opportunity to set up their own start-ups.

At the same time, the Faculty actively collaborates with the industry and other institutions, organizing internships, projects and research activities in partner cooperation. This provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real world environment and gain practical skills.