Vanja Luković

Dr Vanja Luković
Associate Professor
Department of Computer and Software Engineering

Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak1

University of Kragujevac

65, Svetog Save St.

32102 Čačak

Phone:  +381 032/302-762

Fax: +381 032/342-101

Office No: 224

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Vanja Luković

Vanja Luković is Associate Professor at Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. Since 2001 she has worked at Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak, University of Kragujevac at the Department of Computer and Software Engineering.  She obtained her MA of Electrical Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 2007 and received her PhD of technical sciences at Faculty of Technical Science Cacak in 2015. She is teaching Fundamentals of computer science, Programming languages, Object Oriented Programming, Digital system design, and Intelligent systems. She has experience in developing a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows interactive use of educational physical instruments on a computer. She was also engaged in NeReLa project that dealt with the implementation of remote labs for digital system design using FPGA integrated circuit and microcontrollers. Currently she is involved in a research project financed by Ministry of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia, for the purpose of developing a informational system for Scoliosis for the Clinical Centar of Kragujevac. She has authored/co-authored more than 50 papers.